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August 27, 2018
by oliviacook

How to make a rainbow

In physical science this term, we are learning all about light. In this activity we had a glass of water, torch and a piece of paper. We shone the torch through the glass of water and a rainbow appeared on the paper. We then discussed why this happened.

June 22, 2018
by oliviacook

Sovereign Hill – Grade 5 camp

Tick tick it had just hit 9 o’clock, and we were all boarding the bus to go to  Sovereign Hill. We were all very excited! The bus drive wasn’t too long but it felt like ages but it was only 1 hour and a half. When we arrived we had lunch on the oval. After that we went into our rooms and unpacked.

Not long after we went in to the lovely Sovereign Hill and went exploring.

That night we had chicken schnitzel; it was outstanding. For dessert we had chocolate brownies that tasted amazing the melted in our mouths. Around 15 minutes after dinner we went to two plays. One was about 1800s and the other one was about Robin Hood and Little Red Riding Hood. It was really funny. (Lachlan & Sienna)

Some of the activities we did were gold panning(my fav),  gold pour,  two gold mine tours and candy making. They were so fun. When we went shopping on the last day I bought a heart shaped candle for my mum umbrella lollipops for my sibling, raspberry drops to share, caramel fudge for me and dad and some red licorice to share. Overall I had a great camp. (Addi)


May 18, 2018
by oliviacook

Interschool Sports

My team sat their nervously… thinking what was going to happen? As we hopped off the bus we got straight into our first ever Kick Ball game. The opponents were really nice and they were also nervous. As we got into the game everyone was laughing and having fun after that, we even mixed up the teams! It was a day everyone could remember.

By Lauchlan 

Drawing by Mili

May 14, 2018
by oliviacook

St Margaret’s Netball Cup

On the 3rd of May a few students from 5W went to the St Margaret’s Netball Cup. There were 2 teams from B.L.P.S. Team A Won 4 and lost 3 they had some great games! Team B lost 5 and won 2. The last game was a goal difference but sadly they lost but overall they had a great time!


By Lachie and Addi

Drawing by Haddon

May 4, 2018
by oliviacook


On Thursday 15th of February all the Grade 5’s had a STEM Learning Day. The virtual reality goggles made us go under the Great Barrier Reef! We held the triggers and when we touched the sea Urchin they would shut and it was pretty awesome. I know we speak for everyone when we say it was the best incursion ever! The Grade 5’s were the only kids at Berwick Lodge Primary School who got to go so we are very very lucky and we very much appreciate it! We give a big thank you to Tim for giving us this opportunity. (Tim is the person who ran it).

By Addi, AJ, Paige and Lauchlan  

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